Sunday, 2 November 2008

Japan Foundation Annual Grant Programmes

The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal agent for cultural relations between Japan and overseas countries and exists to promote a wider knowledge of Japan abroad and to promote mutual understanding between nations.

We offer funding under a number of Annual Grant Programmes. All programmes are for UK organisations except the Fellowship Programme which is open to individuals who meet the criteria. A guidelines booklet and application forms are also available from our main Tokyo website:
It is essential however, that all applicants consult this office before applying to any of the annual grant programmes so that eligibility and suitability for the grant programme in question can be checked.
The deadline for applications for the 2009 - 10 financial year is 1 December 2008. So applications for this year need to be made by 1 December 2008 and the results will be available in April 2009.

1. Programmes for Japanese Studies Overseas (Japanese Studies Fellowship Programme)
- Scholars and Researchers Category
- Doctoral Candidates Category
- Short-term Researchers Category

2. Intellectual Exchange Programmes (Grant Programme for Intellectual Exchange Conference)

3. Visual Arts Exchange Programmes (Exhibitions Abroad Support Programme)

4. Grants available for the Performing Arts (Performing Arts Japan Programme for Europe)

5. Audio-Visual and Publication Exchange Programmes (Translation and Publication Support Programme)

6. Grant Support from the London Office (Local Project Support Programme)

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